I work as a Technical Product Manager at, a platform to enable the next generation of NLP products and applications. You can learn more about my work experience in my LinkedIn profile.


In 2017 I launched my first book about productivity, The Success Hacker. In 2018 I started to write my first Sci-Fi book.



I started ValenciaJS in 2015 as an effort to empower the JS community in Valencia, the third biggest city of Spain. In 2017, I started MadridDevs, A public Slack team to empower the local developer’s community.

The Web

I’ve been involved in the Mozilla Hispano community for almost 5 years now, helping to promote openness, innovation & opportunity on the Web. I gave talks in Argentina, Spain, Peru and Poland related to Mozilla. I’m proud to be part of the hundreds of contributors that have made a significant investment of time to make the world a little bit better.


Since September 2017 I’ve been organizing the Duolingo Spanish and English meetups in Madrid. Now I’m a Gold Global Ambassador, helping to get Madrid to be the first city to have Duolingo language meetups in the top six languages.


I’m currently focusing my learning time on:

  • NLP

  • German

  • Playing the piano